Terms and Conditions



  1. Payment for individual lessons is by cash in advance or prior to receiving your lesson.  Alternatively, payment may be made by bank transfer - ask for my Bank details first. 
  2. Block booking savings are only received by payment in advance of your first lesson.
  3. The price quoted to you at the start of your driving course will remain unchanged (except in unusual circumstances).
  4. Cancellation of your lesson requires 48 hours notice unless a verified sudden illness or accident.  This is necessary to ensure my driving diary runs smoothly and substitutions can be made early.  You will be charged for the missed lesson at your normal rate.
  5. I reserve the right to move your test from the date booked if, in my professional opinion, your driving is not of the standard to pass your driving test.
  6. No smoking is allowed inside the car.
  7. No passengers are carried in the car as lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis.
  8. As a learner driver you are expected to present yourself for your lesson in a fit state to drive with appropriate clothing and footwear.  As we spend time together in a confined space, good hygiene standards are a must.
  9. I try to be on time unless exceptional circumstances result in lessons running late.  I will always try to let you know if this occurs and the time you are short will be made up over your driving course.
  10. The car you learn in will always be clean and tidy and lessons will be provided to the highest standard.
  11. A 'mock test' by myself will be offered to each student unless I am requested not to do so.  There is no obligation to take a mock test before your practical test.
  12. Driving test cancellations by the DSA are a common occurrence and should this happen we can not be held responsible.
  13. Should other unseen events or mechanical breakdown affect your driving test appointment, I will re-book your test and provide additional lessons with no charge.