Prices for driving lessons in Folkestone

Lesson prices 2019

New drivers receive your first 6 hours for £110.00 

Then save with pre-paid Folkestone Driving Lessons

     5 hours @ £115 (£23.00 / hour)

* 10 hours @ £220 (£22.00 / hour) 

   20 hours @ £420 (£21.00 / hour)

   30 hours @ £600 (£20.00 / hour)

* Most popular

All increases in block bookings at £20.00 per hour

For a standard one and a half hour driving lesson it's £35.00

For a two hour driving lesson the price is £45.00

Prices based on £24.00 for a one hour lesson 

Invest in your future with lessons that cost less than a night out!


Introductory pack with Show Me/Tell Me questions and interactive iPad lessons with in Folkestone


Q. Where can I be picked up from and dropped off?

A. Anywhere inside Folkestone: home, work, school or college, railway or bus station.

Q. How quickly will I learn to drive? 

A.  That depends on your ability and speed of learning.  Everyone is different and comparisons are pointless.  Access to a vehicle for private practice will help, but you will know when you are ready for test and able to drive independently. Your main aim in learning is to be safe on the road for life.

Q. How do I pay you?

A. You can pay by cash or Bank transfer in advance.  Block bookings are the cheapest way of learning.

Q. What if I need to cancel?

A. Cancellations must be made with 48 hours notice to allow a replacement to be found.  Failure to give the correct notice will result in full payment for the missed lesson being made.

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