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Peter Blight is a Grade A Qualified Instructor

Who will you trust with your manual Driving Lessons in Folkestone when only the best will do?

Peter Bight is Folkestone based with 17+ years experience of local roads, providing enjoyable lessons.  You'll get all the help you need and progress at the pace you decide.

PeterBlight.com in Folkestone. Because you deserve it!

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Join our happy band of successful drivers who changed their lives with lessons that cost less than a night out!

Learn at your own pace with all the help you need and make progress in every lesson.  It's a team effort and your input is listened to and acted on at every stage

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Approved Driving Instructor

Approved Driving Instructor

Your first six hours as a New Driver for £120 will change the way you think about driving and show you how your  life will change when you're on the road

Plus: You get  interactive lesson apps and an introductory pack to help you learn at home

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The driving school that puts you first and teaches you at the pace that you decide

Premium lessons from an A grade instructor with great feedback and a top pass rate.

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